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Welcome to South Kenya Conference

The mission of the Seventh - Day Adventist Church, South Kenya Conference is to make disciples of all people, communicating the Everlasting Gospel in the context of the three angles’ messages of Revelation 14:6 -12, leading them to accept Jesus as personal Savior and unite with his remnant church, discipline them to serve him as lord and preparing them for his soon return . 

Our method – we pursue this mission under the guidance and through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit through:

Accepting Christ commission (Matt 28:18 -20), we proclaim to all the world in these last days the everlasting gospel of God’s love, most fully revealed in His son’s life, atoning death, resurrection, and high priestly ministry. Recognize the Bible to be God’s infallible revelation of His will, we present its full message, including the Second Advent of Christ and the continuing authority of His Ten Commandment law with its reminder of the Seventh – Day Sabbath.

Current Offices of The SKC (South Kenya Conference)

Tue, 03 Mar 2015

How old is Adventism in Gusii Land?
Which is the oldest Conference in East African Union?

New Offices Construction Donations.

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Kisii Branch

A/C NO: 2022788607


M-Pesa -South Kenya Conference